Attitudes of Blessing: Expectancy

Mick Turner

Over the past few days, we have explored two “Attitudes of Blessing,” enthusiasm and effort. Today we need to discuss yet another principle that builds a bridge between our enthusiasm and efforts and our desired goal: the principle of expectancy.

 It is not enough to hope for the best. You must learn to give all that you can give and then, with an affirmative attitude, expect the best. All genuine spiritual traditions teach that we have within each of us a Higher Mind, a part of ourselves that has unlimited potential and is eternally optimistic. Higher Mind is but another way of describing what we at LifeBrook call our Sacred Self. When you are operating from your Higher Mind or your Sacred Self, know deep in your heart you cannot fail.

As you learn to go deep within yourself and tap into the boundless resources that reside there, firmly know that your success is guaranteed. Be specific in your expectations, but be open that things may not be exactly as you planned – they may be better. You will encounter these ideas in many schools of positive living. Although the words may vary, the principles remain constant: 

Believe in yourself and your abilities.

Have positive and consistent confidence in yourself.

Demand the best from yourself.

Expect the best for yourself. 

The central point is that positive expectancy is intimately connected with positive thinking. If you expect to improve, if you have positive faith and a positive desire, coupled with a firm plan and an enthusiastic attitude, then you will make every effort to improve. As we have seen, if you put for the effort you will improve. So it is right and reasonable to expect improvement. Do not entertain, even for a moment, the thought of defeat or failure. 

 Please understand that positive expectancy flows from two primary sources: faith in God and confidence in your abilities. God, our Divine Source, is not only a God of benevolence, but also a God of provision. Have faith in and operate on the belief that God has already equipped you with every blessing in the spiritual realm. The New Testament affirms this reality and, if you persist in your pursuit of spiritual excellence, so you’re your experience. So have faith in who and what God is and what has been provided for you. Also, continually strive to deepen the level of confidence you have in yourself. God does not want his children walking around thinking they are sinful worms that deserve nothing more than a bleak existence. Historically, some segments of the church have promoted this dismal assessment of the human condition. Some churches still do. Viewing humanity in this manner is not only erroneous, it ignores who and what we are when we are “in Christ.” Keep your mind focused on the affirmative reality that you will improve. Make every effort to improve, and then expect the best result. If you do this you will foster success in all that you do. Again, I refer you to the wise words of Christian Larson: 

“Do your best under every circumstance, and believe that every circumstance will give its best to you. Live for the realization of more life and for more efficient use of everything that proceeds from life. Desire eternally what you want; and act always as if every expectation were coming true.” 

By expecting the best result you will become more efficient and more productive. You will have the constant realization that every effort you put forth will bring you that much closer to your goal. You will not waste your valuable “mind-power” on thoughts of defeat and failure, but instead, will focus your mental energy on that which you want to achieve. As a result, your sense of fulfillment in life will continue to increase. Larson continues: 

“Think only of what you desire, and expect only what you desire….Make it a point to have definite results in mind at all times. Permit no thinking to be aimless. Every aimless thought is time and energy wasted, while every thought that is inspired with a definite aim will help to realize that aim. The whole power of your mind will work with you in realizing what you have in view.” 

What profound truths are contained in Larson’s words! “Every aimless thought is time and energy wasted”. So give your thoughts aim and purpose. Think positive thoughts connected with your life goals and life mission. By doing so you are using the power of your mind to assist you in accomplishing great things. When you do this, you can expect nothing other than the best results. 


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