Wise Words For Today

For quite a few people today, tradition is not a positive word. It suggests the dead, outmoded, and constricting voice of the past. But tradition also includes the wisdom, beauty, and goodness of the past. Of course, it contains less attractive elements as well, and they need to be rejected. Tradition needs to be discerningly received. But without tradition , we lose the riches of the past. Without tradition, we live only in the present and easily fall under the tyranny of the present and its lords. Tradition is about identity, and being Christian is about living within the Christian cultural-linguistic tradition. Indeed, being Christian means being resocialized into a Christian world. For most of us, our primary socialization was into modern Western culture with its way of seeing, its values, and its identities. The path of Christian transformation thus includes resocialization into a way of seeing, set of values, and identity very different from our primary socialization.

Marcus Borg


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