Wise Words for Today

Most of the time when we think of church, we think of Sunday. But Sunday is really about Monday. If our job as Christians was simply to gather together and worship God, we could do that in heaven. But our job is more than that; that’s why God has us strategically placed right where we are.

What is our job exactly? This may surprise you, but it’s not to convert people. Scripture says very little about us converting people. What it does say is this: “You shall be my witnesses” (Acts 1:8). In other words, we will be illustrations – living proof – that Jesus Christ was, in fact, God, and he is still alive. We do that through the process of being people not only in whom Christ lives, but through whom Christ expresses himself in our individual worlds…..Of course, we want to influence people to follow Christ. But we must bring his healing to people, because people hurt. We must bring his hope, because people are hopeless. We must bring his love, because people are bereft of unconditional love.

Jerry Cook

(from The Monday Morning Church)


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