Wise Words for Today

The future does not lie with denominations but with base communities. Those very  theological arguments that kept so many Protestants and Catholics literally at one another’s throats for the past four centuries are passe. No one cares anymore. Can you name any 20-some-year-old who can tell you the difference between a Methodist and a Presbyterian, an Anglican and a Roman Catholic? Denominationalsim is no longer an issue. An that is a good thing, for denominationalism, like racism and sexism and adultism, has to be held accountable for its many sins over the centuries. Today, though we can admit that we are living in a post-denominational time. While traditions and local roots matter, these are all traditions spelled with a small “t.” They are relative; they are human-made (though often spirit-inspired in the past); they are socially constructed realities; they can be mined for their wisdom; and let go of.

Matthew Fox

(from On Being A Post-Denominational Priest)


One thought on “Wise Words for Today

  1. imagebearer

    Mick, this is an outstanding quote and so true. I have tried some to blog about the traditions of the church on Imagebearer.wordpress.com but I have gotten sidetracked.
    Thanks also for the agg to the blogroll, I plan to do the same with your site.Keep us the great work.

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