Wise Words for Today

As I look back on my own pilgramage, marked by wanderings , detours, and dead ends, I see now that what pulled me along was my search for grace. I rejected the church for a time because I found so little grace there. I returned because I found grace nowhere else…..Grace comes free of charge to people who do not derserve it and I am one of those people. I think back to who I was – resentful, wound tight with anger, a single hardened link in a long chain of ungrace learned from family and church. Now I am trying in my own small way to pipe the tune of grace. I do so because I know, more surely than I know anything, that any pang of healing or forgivenesss or goodness I have ever felt comes from the grace of  God. I yearn for the church to become a nourishing culture of that grace.

Phillip Yancey

(from What’s So Amazing About Grace?)


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