Wise Words For Today

I believe part of our society’s frustration with organized religion stems from a lack of discourse and question-asking. The one-way communication from pastor or priest to congregants that is so prevelent maintains awe, authority, and distance but does not invite fully engaged participation, ownership, or collective action. If our goal is generative loving activity, rather than mere indoctrination, then candid dialogue must be encouraged. We need casual cooperative contexts in which we can ask questions and navigate how to live and travel well together. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why early followers of the Way so often ate together in their homes and met from house to house.

Mark Scandrette

(from Soul Graffiti: Making A Life In The Way Of Jesus)


One thought on “Wise Words For Today

  1. Usher: Hey Deak, this assumes that pastors are willing to be questioned? How many do you know come from that space?

    Deacon: Pastors don’t mind being questioned Usher, just not in the middle of their sermons – seems to me the reason they threw you out last time was because you questioned the pastor in the middle of his sermon

    Usher: So the pastor can indoctrinate and arbitrate his own doctrine?

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