Another Busy Day

Today has been quite hectic. I got out of bed at 4:30 this morning and, after a short quiet time, got to work. I was on a noon deadline and I had about 3500 words worth of material to churn out. My keyboard was clicking away long before my wife and four-year-old daughter got out of bed. Anyway, I got through it all just fine, met the deadline, and was able to kick back on the deck for a few much-needed moments.

I ran across this passage from Anthony DeMello, in his book The Way of Love. I thought I might share them with you. They were pertinent to me as I love roses, have a small child, and am an unashamed mystic.

Compare the serene and simple splendor of a rose in bloom with the tensions and restlessness of your life. The rose has a gift that you lack; It is perfectly content to be itself. It has not been programmed from birth, as you have been, to be dissatisfied with itself, so it has not the slightest urge to be anything other than it is. That is why it possesses the artless grace and absence of inner conflict that among humans is only found in little children and mystics.

In some very relevant way, God gave me just what I needed as I tried to get centered there on my back deck. Sometimes life is amazing.



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