A Brief Note On LifeBrook’s Name

If you are a regular or semi-regular visitor to this site, you might have noticed that our name has changed back and forth several times, between LifeBrook Minsitries, LifeBrook International, and, way back when, LifeBrook Communications. This has occured not from our own confusion, but from another equally confusing source. In short, we have been jostling with a few legal issues related to what we call ourselves. It seems to have now come to a conclusion and, as we expected it would, the final outcome is LifeBrook Ministries.

The confusion came over a few issues related to our 501c3 application and another in relation to our city license. Some felt that because of our China work, and the project we are undertaking in Korea, that our title should include “International.” However, others believed that our Stateside operations were the primary venue of our ministry work and thus, international was not called for. Our attorney, bless her working for gratis heart, diligently resolved this with both parties, the local government and the IRS. Now we are LifeBrook Ministries here and overseas. Clear as mud, huh?



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