Wise Words for Today

When the story is about us, we may see the poem, but we will never see the heart of the Poet. That’s why the Story is not about us. The greatest gift God ever gave us was the gift of making the Story completely about him. The most powerful truth in scripture is that all of scripture is about God. It is not about you, yet it has everything to do with you…..You and I have been raptured into a Story that is larger and grander and more significant than we could possibly comprehend. We’ve been caught up in a Romance like no other, and the saddest thing of all is that we seldom look outside ourselves long enough to see it. Maybe we’re too busy living out the small, tired story of our own lives – a story in desperate need of reframing. Perhaps the hardest thing you will ever do is accept God’s acceptance of you, which leads to resting in the faithfulness of God instead of wallowing in the faith-less-ness of your humanity…..If we could learn to trust and rest and be instead of always striving to do, we would find ourselves face to face with some of life’s most perplexing paradoxes. First, that transformation comes only when we stop trying to transform ourselves. Second, that love can flow out of us only after we’ve allow it to flow freely into us. And third, that you can’t catch God by chasing him; you catch him only by accepting his pursuit of you…..And here is perhaps the greatest paradox of all: God somehow made the Story all about you by not making it about you at all.

Tim King and Frank Martin

(from Furious Pursuit: Why God Will Never Let You Go)


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