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A few days back I recommended readers take a look at a post on “The Second Coming,” written by David Brush on the Emergent Nazarenes site. I have visited this site often over the past few months and would like to recommend to my readers that you take a look at what they have over there. The writers are members of the Nazarene Church and, at the same time, support the ideas of the Emerging Church Movement. It is an interesting synthesis to be sure.

Although I am not a member of the Nazarene Church, I do come from the Weslyan Holiness tradition via the Methodist Church. I can understand clearly where these bloggers are coming from and also appreciate where they are headed. I am highly edified by reading the posts of this site and pray these insightful, talented writers continue their good work. Writing, especially in this age of technological advancement, is a real and true ministry. I can say, without reservation, that the folks at Emergent Nazarenes do this ministry very well. If you would like to have a look, visit:

2 thoughts on “Recommended Website/Blog

    1. Mick Turner


      Thanks for the comment. I posted the recommendation several years back and, due to health issues and surgery, have not visited there in awhile. Again, thanks for the comment and letting me know what’s going on with Emergent Nazarenes. It was a highly interesting endeavor….


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