Wise Words For Today

The Kingdom is not a religion because religion is man’s search for God. With the Kingdom the search is over; God has revealed Himself to man and sent His Son to set us free from our sin and restore us to Himself. The Kingdom is not a religion but a relationship, an intimate communion in which we enter into a deeply personal relationship with the living Christ.

Dr. Myles Munroe

(from Rediscovering the Kingdom)


2 thoughts on “Wise Words For Today

  1. falloway

    I loved reading this book and went on to read the next two that Dr. Munroe wrote. It has made such an impression on me and my Christian walk. Jesus was not promoting a religion but His Father’s Kingdom. In addition I have watched his videos on You Tube with Benny Hinn; they are great.

  2. Mick Turner

    As I have mentioned in other posts, I have read about 15 books by Dr. Munroe and have gained much from his perspective on both the kingdom and the centrality of relationship as opposed to religion. If you knew me and my theological leanings, you would be quite surprised to hear me say how much I have been impacted by Myles Munroe. I would have never predicted it and I thank God for leading me to his work, which I would have never given a second look if left to my own devices. His three books of Potential, along with those on Purpose, Vision, and Glory have been especially meaningful.


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