Wise Words for Today

…the more time you spend in your point of stillness, the more you experience a sense of peace and serenity…..You begin to recognize your oneness with all creation. Paradigm shifts can happen simply by spending time in this deep center of your being…..It take deep quiet to begin putting you in touch with your connection to all creation. Then you can begin to understand the great laws of the universe and how they play out in your life. As you understand these laws and work with the energy system of your own body. you can work with Spirit in cocreative partnership. This partnership is available to all but called into action by few. As we move deeper into the journey, entering into the silence is the most important tool we have, the most valuable skill we can develop, the gateway to accelerated understanding. For in the silence we can hear the guidance of our soul and Spirit. Through the silence, we recognize the full spectrum of possibilities and find our wings for free flight.

Alan Seale

(from Soul Mission, Life Vision)


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