Wise Words for Today

It’s no accident that Jesus unveiled his teaching while on the move from village to village, person to person, problem to problem, as a kind of commentary on his actions – gathering the poor and the outcast, healing the sick, threatening the powers-that-be, mobilizing a movement with his agenda.

His training method? Jesus invited curious onlookers to help him do what he was already doing so that his actions would have even greater impact…..his actions were about addressing the pressing problems of is day. Anyone who wanted to learn more about him had to keep up with him first. There were no faith quizzes to pass before you could help out; all it took was the willingness to go somewhere with Jesus because you liked what he was doing.

Whatever you believe about Jesus, whatever you think about this or that aspect of personal morality, however you feel about this or that Christian institution, Jesus has an agenda that inspires an active response to the problems of the world. You can draw one step closer to knowing him by understanding what he’s up to and lending him a hand. Healing may even come your way as you help him heal the world.

Ken Wilson

(from Jesus Brand Spirituality: He Wants His Religion Back)


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