Wise Words For Today

If we are to be praying Christians, we must be willing to approach God at all times in all ways. The intimacy of prayer doesn’t become comfortable in once-a-week intervals or powerful in occasional bursts. It must be practiced time and time again – when we wake in the morning, when we work through the day, when we play or rest or eat or laugh or cry or watch TV or sit in a traffic jam…..we must train ourselves to acknowledge God’s presence in the mundane moments of life. We must redirect our minds toward prayer at odd moments of the day – when we are cut off in traffic, when the secretary puts us on hold, when we’re changing diapers, when we’re playing taxi driver to get our kids to all their after-school obligations, when we’re lying in bed almost ready to drop off to sleep. You see, God is our constant companion. It’s time we had the nerve to stop ignoring him.

Mike Nappa

(from The Courage To Be Christian)


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