Spiritual Values of the Mystic Pilgrim: Morality, Compassion, and Integrity

Mick Turner

If you aspire to the station of the modern Mystic Pilgrim, the sublime seeker of a deeper walk with God, it is wise to never underestimate the importance of an internalized value system. Your values basically define who you are in relation to the world and govern your interactions at all points of contact with the culture in which you live. Having a well-defined and well-shaped system of personal morality is indispensable on the mystic journey. As the old commercial said:


Don’t leave home without it.


From time to time I plan to post short articles under the title “Spiritual Values of the Mystic Pilgrim.” These posts will briefly discuss two or three cardinal principles that are essential if the mystical journey is to proceed without major obstacles. This post is the first under this title and deals with three significant virtues: Morality, Compassion, and Integrity.


Morality is not always a popular word these days, often surfacing connotations of rigidity and limits placed on the individual. However, if we are to progress on the spiritual path we must at the outset understand that developing, clarifying and internalizing a moral standard is essential. Our spiritual journey is at its root connected with the attainment, transmutation and conservation of divine energy. When we behave in ways that dissipate our energy, or cause disturbances in another’s energy field, we devolve rather than evolve. Cultivating a positive base of ethics is the foundation of our entire spiritual journey and cannot be overlooked, minimized or ignored.



Compassion is a fundamental aspect of sacred character in general and working with the mirrors of Caring and Contribution in particular. When we come to a personal understanding of the fact that we live in an interrelated universe, where every minute part is connected to the whole in a living and vital way, we are motivated to do all that we can to help others in their areas of greatest need. Compassion is the heart of the spiritual journey.


Integrity is the most critical aspect of sacred character. Integrity implies that our behavior is consistent with our values, our beliefs, and our personal mission. With integrity, we become people who can be trusted and counted upon. With integrity, we become people who live a unified life, capable of being of great service to the world.

(c) L.D. Turner 2008/All Rights Reserved


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