Wise Words for Today

Vision is the force that invents the future, because it is the ability to see your dreams and desires before they manifest in the natural. If you can’t see it in your heart and mind, you may just only be having a temporary thought, idea, or fantasy. Wishing that something might someday happen for your betterment is nice, but it is not enough. Having vision is seeing the invisible and making it visble with a tenacity and determination to never let it go….The key to having vision is “seeing” with spiritual eyes. When you “see” a vision, you “see” your desired future state, and it becomes the purpose of everything you do, motivating you every hour of every day.

Art Sepulveda

(from Focus: What’s In Your Vision?)


One thought on “Wise Words for Today

  1. I think it was Catherine Ponder who said that “If you can see it in your head, you will hold it in your hand”. What you have shared is so very true, first is the thought, and from this is the seed of what is to come. To get something we sure must have the mental picture of it. Many thanks for sharing, and I will be back for some more!

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