Wise Words for Today

…..our primary goal is not converting people to Christianity. Let me explain what I mean. It is unquestionably important that people make a decision to follow Christ; that they turn to him, invite him into their lives, and experience his forgiveness and cleansing for their sin. But I see this “turning” as a result, not a goal…..Remember, not everyone Jesus  ministered to chose to follow…..The fact is, after three-and-a-half years of public ministry, Jesus left behind only 120 followers in a borrowed room. Now it is up to us to minister as he did – and with no hooks. Of course, we want to influence people to follow Christ. But we must bring his healing to people, because people hurt. We must bring his hope, because people are hopeless. We must bring his love, because people are bereft of unconditional love. We must do all these things without ulterior motive. People may respond or they may not – just as they did two thousand years ago.

Jerry Cook

(from The Monday Morning Church)


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