Wise Words For Today

Jesus always valued relationships over rules. Whether it was healing a person on the Sabbath or sharing a meal with a known “sinner,” Jesus acted in unpredictable, unexpected, and life changing ways. And the fact is, wherever the Master traveled and ministered, two things inevitably happened. People’s lives were changed and the established religious order was upset…..Relationships, not rules, should take precedence in our lives. Love, not legalism, must reign. Many legalists in our own day, just like the Pharisees, don’t think they should hang around “evil people.” They think they should avoid them and thus avoid being contaminated. But the church today, just as Jesus did, must get beyond stained glass and gates and walls and get into the community and be light where it is so urgently needed.

Steve Arterburn

(from More Jesus; Less Religion)


One thought on “Wise Words For Today

  1. HAHA,its because he’s God and knows everything before hand!That always
    confuses sinners…He proved why He did it,everytime by the scriptures…He especially made clear that,the rabbis weren’t being lawful first and foremost…

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