A Powerful Little Spiritual Practice

Mick Turner

In my quiet time yesterday, Spirit gave me the message to share something with you that has been such a natural part of my life for so many years, that I haven’t really thought of sharing it on my own. I am grateful for the gentle whispers of Spirit that come during periods of meditation and reflection; they often tell me things I need to do and that someone, somewhere, may need to hear.


Starting back in 1977, I began the habit of keeping what I came to call my “Notebooks of the Sublime.” I began carrying around a small, pocket-sized notebook in which I would jot down spiritual ideas that came to me in unexpected moments or events that occurred in my life that, for many, might seem insignificant, but for me bordered on epiphany. Later, I would transfer this material to a separate journal that I kept for just such things, along with spiritual quotations that were meaningful for me on some level.


I now have many of these small, portable notebooks and also more than a few of the journals in which I transferred this material. These various notebooks are treasures to me. I now use them not only for personal inspiration, but also for my writing projects and even on this blog. For example, some of the material I post in “Wise Words for Today” comes directly from these battered little notebooks.


For me personally, these notebooks and journals are “portals of power” in that they only contain words that are highly meaningful. I only put down an experience, an event, or a quotation if it rings my chime in a strong way. By doing this, I insure that later, when I re-read what I have recorded in my notebooks, I can see the kind of themes that were highly significant to me at particular times in my life.


I have since discovered that quite a few other travelers on the spiritual journey do this as well, or at least something similar. I would like to suggest that, if you are seriously committed to your spiritual development, that you give this helpful practice a try. If you are diligent in making entries in your notebook, I promise you will find that over a fairly short period of time, you will begin to discover just how valuable these little notebooks can be.


© L.D. Turner 2009/All Rights Reserved


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