Wise Words for Today

Twenty-five years into the AIDS pandemic, being HIV-positive still carries stigma and shame. But God cares for the sick and so must we…..it is not a sin to be sick. The Bible tells us Jesus was repeatedly “filled with compassion” as he encountered broken bodies and broken minds. While polite society vigorously avoided contact with those they considered diseased outcasts, Jesus responded in a radical way: He cared, he touched, he healed…..We live in a broken, sinful world. We all make mistakes, but at the same time God cares passionately about everyone he has made. You never find Jesus asking people how they go sick, not once does he ask that. When sick people came to him he simply said, “How can I help you?” And that’s where we’re trying to go. That needs to be the first question out of our mouths.

Kay Warren

(quoted in The Great Awakening, by Jim Wallis)


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