Wise Words For Today

Repentance is not being sorry for the things you have done, but sorry for being the kind of person who does such things. With that I began the disturbing discovery of my false self. I began to realize that underneath the thin veneer of my religiosity lived a pervasive and deeply entrenched self-referenced being which was driven by its own agendas, its own desires, its own purposes, and no amountof superficial tinkering with the religious facade made any appreciable difference…..I realized for the first time that God’s purpose for us was not simply to forgive sins but to transform our false self – to cleanse all its unrighteousness, to make us righteous, to restore us to our true self in loving relationship with God and in being Christlike in the world. I realized that the false self I was stood in the way of becoming the true self for which I had been created.

M. Robert Mulholland Jr.

(from The Deeper Journey)


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