Wise Words for Today

There is a basic difference in strategy for God’s people of the Old Testament and His people of the New. Rather than the come and see of the Old, it is now, go to and live among. It is as critical now as it was in Old Testament times to live holy lives. Ungodly living will destroy us and our credibility just as surely now as it did then. But we are to live our lives among the lost rather than separated from them. God’s people today are a people sent; we are to go and live among. So, a basic difference between the calling of God’s people in the Old and New Testament is that the arrows have been turned around. Where it was once come and see, it is now “go to and proclaim.” It seems we are having difficulty getting out of the Old Testament and into to the New in understanding what we’re to be about.

Jim Petersen

(from Lifestyle Discipleship: The Challenge of Following Jesus in Today’s World)


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