Wise Words for Today

Your first step is to come to a more complete realization of who and what you are.


Your next step is to enter into a more definite understanding of your relationship with the Power.


Your final step is to use the Power for yourself and others.


Start at once affirming your God given dominion over anything which

contradicts the nature of Life.


Rearrange your thought to conform to the belief that you are one with all the Power and all the Presence there is. It is flowing through you as health, happiness and success.


Bless everything you do; take the restrictions off your efforts and announce them to be prosperous, good and perfect.


Know that the Power is flowing through you creatively in the direction which your attention gives to It.


Begin right where you are. Don’t wait until you get an understanding as big as a house or as broad as an ocean or as deep as a well.


In joy go within yourself to meet this Life.

Expect it to respond.


Know that it is going to.

Have no anxiety.


Relax and trust – believe.

Don’t deny It.


Begin with whatever affirmative and constructive thinking you have and build on that.

Refuse to dwell in the darkness of unbelief.

Refuse to be overcome by negative suggestions.

Boldly step through the place of doubt and plant your feet on the solid rock of faith.


If you are faithful in using these few simple methods of procedure, you will be amazed at the lightning-like speed with which the Power will reveal Itself to you. In every way act as though It were real. Practice the presence of this Power until It is real to you.


Ernest Holmes


One thought on “Wise Words for Today

  1. lovely lovely article.

    these words here resonate –

    “Your final step is to use the Power for yourself and others.”

    service to others is all. The way to truly change this world.


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