A Fascinating Web Site

Yesterday, while surfing about some links off one of my favorite web sites, I ran across a web site that caught my attention right away. When you see its title, you’ll easily see what I mean. The web site sports the name LiberalEvangelical.org. Those who know me will readily understand why I would be fascinated by such a site, based on the title alone. To say the least, most folks would claim that the words liberal and evangelical don’t go together, unless you’re talking about Tony Campolo.

Before going any further, here is the address:


Underneath the title, the site has the following subtitles:

“Empowerment for intentionally moderate Christians.”

“Resources for creatively inclusive congregations.”

In exploring the site, I was highly pleased. It is a well put together web site and indeed, in terms of evangelical sites, like a breath of fresh air. More traditional evangelicals, however, may be less than enamored. I showed the site to a good friend of mine, a Baptist and conservative evangelical. Once he got over the title, you could hear his harummppphhhhh for miles.

The site has a poll in which you can vote. The statement says, “The liberal evangelical ideal of the radical moderate Christian is:

Just what I’ve been looking for. (45.2%)

Intriguing but need more information (35.5%)

Utter nonsense (8.1%)

Confusing; I don’t get it. (3.2%)

Personally, I hope more and more sites such as this one come on line, helping our faith regain and restore a healthy middle ground. The far right and the far left both have too many warts and the extremism that has characterized the Christian faith over the past thirty years has sent many well meaning seekers running headlong into other traditions.

Why not go have a look for yourself?


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