Positive Prayer

As I sat in church not too long ago, I was given a bit of a slap in the face by the Holy Spirit – not a harsh, critical, punch in the jaw – but instead, a gentle reminder that our Christian inability, mine included, to remember what he has already accomplished for us and what he has already promised us, has permeated our beings so deeply that we have little mindfulness of it.

Near the beginning of the service, the worship leader led the congregation in prayer. By “led in prayer” I mean he prayed and we all stood silently until it was our turn to say “Amen.”

“Lord, we beseech thee to come into this house and be with us this, your Holy Day. And dearest father in heaven, we humbly requesteth that, by your grace and love, that you cometh down here into this structure of brick and mortar and, with your beloved presence on every pew in this house, be with us in ways both great and small. Further, dear father, true God, through the infinite grace of thy throne, be pray that you granteth……..zzzzzzzzz.”

No, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to joke about such a serious matter. My point here, as brought to my attention by the Holy Spirit, is simply this: scripture tells us time after time that the Lord is with us. The Master assures us that he is with us always, even unto the end of the age. He tells us that wherever two or more are gathered in his name, he is there with us. The gift of the Master’s presence is not something we ever have to worry about. It is a promise made to us by God and sealed in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. There is no need for us to use our prayer time, either corporate or private, blathering on in King James English begging God to come and be with us. Unless he is a liar, he is already here. End of discussion. Instead, why don’t we pray as Andrew Wommack suggests:

Father, your Word promises that You’ll never leave us not forsake us, and when two are three gather together in Your name, there is a special presence of the Holy Spirit. Father, we thank You you’re here. We believe it and we want it manifest. We don’t want you to just be here in the spirit realm, We desire to yield to You to the point that You can manifest Yourself in healings, deliverance, joy, peace, salvation, and Holy Spirit baptism. We want You to be free to manifest Yourself and do what You want to do.


In this type of prayer are we badgering God? No. In this type of prayer are we asking God to be our cosmic bellhop – sort of a dance-about heavenly step-and-fetch-it? No. In this type of prayer are we making unreasonable demands upon God? No, of course not.

Instead, in this type of prayer we are simply expressing our faith in God to do what he has promised and to be exactly what he has told us he is. God has already provided all these blessing because he said he has. Let us rejoice in this fact and enjoy the wonderful God that we have – a God that has given us all that we need to live lives of holiness and spiritual perfection.


2 thoughts on “Positive Prayer

  1. Wow, thank you Brother Mick for such Wisdom by the Holy Spirit. I am also guilty of such prayer where I ask God to be with us, even though His word tells us differently. I will apply this in my life and my family life. We gonna share on this tonight in our prayer session. Thank you. Penny Mpanza

    1. Mick Turner


      I know I am often guilty of making such prayers myself. I think that it reflects a mindset that is common among the faithful and we often pray that way through force of habit. We all want God to be with us so badly that we forget that he is already here. Thanks for stopping by and for your comments. Do come again.


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