Wise Words for Today

The gospel of the kingdom is an invitation to a different reality, a different way of living. The kingdom is a new way of relating as people. Where ordinary human life is based on competitiveness and defensiveness, domination and subjugation, treachery and violence, the kingdom is based on the self-giving love of God. The kingdom grows from the seed that falls to the ground and dies – it grows to new life from the death of Christ, which is God’s love exhibited to us in its most brilliant glory…The kingdom brings liberation instead of confinement, celebration instead of despair, a crown of beauty instead of the ashes of mourning. It brings solace to the brokenhearted and the good news of hope for the poor (see Isaiah 61:1-3). The kingdom is a life of flourishing (see John 10:10), an experience of the ongoing presence of a tender, protecting Father, along with His Son and Spirit (see John 17). It means a life of love, peace, self-control, and virture (see Galatians 5:22-23)…..In short, the kingdom is a vision worth dying for. It is a life worth fighting for – against the vision of a world of isolated, self-centered and empty selves, all vying for prominence and grasping for what they feel life owes them.

J.P. Moreland and Klaus Issler

(from The Lost Virtue of Happiness)


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