Wise Words for Today

Today there are many of us who are not “becoming” the people we are inside. This is either because we are in the wrong environment or because we are not giving proper nourishment to the “seeds of glory” that are hidden within us. In order for those “seeds” to sprout and flourish we need the nurturing environment of the presence of God. In a sense, we need to return to Eden. Choices we make every day affect both the environment in which we live and breathe and the growth and health of the “tree” of glory in us that wants to come out. How we spend our time, what we spend our money on, what we feed our bodies, the ideas and images that fill our minds from books, movies, television, or the Internet; all of these are factors in determining whether our “tree” will be healthy, or whether it will be stunted, deformed, and malnourished…..Eden is the only environment that is truly suitable. God designed us for Eden and there alone can we reach our full potential. It is only when we are in the “garden of God’s presence” that we can “become.”

Dr. Myles Munroe

(from The Glory of Living)


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