Wise Words for Today

*** I wanted to share with you this great prayer by M. Robert Mulholland…

Loving God, something deep within me hungers for wholeness. Voiceless stirrings in the depths of my being surprise me at unexpected moments with their intimation of a life in you, which would transfigure me and transform my life in this world. These all-too-brief moments of clarity, these glimpses of a richer life, quickly fade beneath the constant onslaught of my daily life, its pressures, its problems, its pernicious inertia. Yet your presence continues to reside in my depths, your love calls forth those hungers for wholeness; your grace engenders those voiceless stirrings. As I look now at Paul’s invitation to put on this new nature, may your Spirit anoint what I read and think so as to give voice to those voiceless stirrings. Enable me to not only hear your voice but respond to your love from the depths of my being. Amen.

M. Robert Mulholland

(from The Deeper Journey)

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