The ABC’s of My Position (in Christ)

Mick Turner

I discovered this wonderful list, describing some of the major aspects of our new identity in Christ, in the book, The Fine Line: Re-envisioning the Gap Between Christ and Culture, by Kary Oberbrunner. It is in alphabetical order:

 Accepted in the beloved

Bought with a price

Crucified with Christ

Dwelt by the Holy Spirit

Enslaved to God

Freed from slavery to sin

God’s child

Heir of God’s riches

In him completeness

Jesus’ chosen inheritance

Kingly priest

Light of the world

Mastered no longer by sin

New creation

One spirit with the lord

Perfect in Christ

Quieted in who God is

Raised up with Him

Seated in heavenly places

Transformed into Christ’s image

United to the lord

Victorious through my Lord

Wonderfully made

Xpistos (Christ’s) workmanship

Yoked with righteousness

Zealous for good works

 Allow me to make a suggestion. During the final two months of this year, spend some quiet time each day praying for insight into each of these blessings of God’s grace and how they manifest in you and your new life “in Christ.” Perhaps carry a positive affirmation with you throughout the day, specifically related to one or two of these gifts. For example, during the day you might often repeat, “I am Christ’s workmanship, zealous for good works.”

 I have done similar exercises before and the results have been very positive.

 Blessings and may the peace of the coming Advent season be upon you:

 Your friend,



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