Wise Words for Today

You must get in your mind that the God who spoke the universe into existence also has spoken over you. The only reason His Word cannot manifest in your life, as He has spoken it, is that you have not fully accepted the reality of its power and who you are….You must remember at all times, GOD SAID YOU WERE CREATED IN HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS. It doesn’t matter what the world tries to tell you or convince you of, or the circumstances you may find yourself in. God’s powerful and endless Word has empowered you as a creation in His image and likeness. ..When you wake up to the fact that you’re royalty, you will alter your behavior and act differently. You will begin to walk in your rightful position in accordance with the authority that your Lord and King gives you. You must choose to be the person God calls you to be.

Bishop Jim Lowe

(from Achieving Your Divine Potential)


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