A Prayer Request: Children of Chinese Christians

As many of you know, we at LifeBrook have a special place in our heart and ministry for the Chinese people in general and the Chinese Church in particular. From a personal standpoint, I have always felt a strong calling on my life to serve the Master through being of assistance to the brothers and sisters in China in whatever way I can. It was this calling that led me to enter the mission field in Mainland China and, although I planned to stay for one year, ended up staying there for over five years.

 As I have stated on numerous times and through many venues, these were by far the most spiritually and professionally rewarding years of my life. At LifeBrook we are continuing our work in China through our writing, training, and publishing programs, but we are also active in another way – a way in which everyone with a heart for the Chinese Church can help.

 And it won’t cost you a cent.

 We maintain active prayers for China and we encourage you to remember the Chinese Church in your prayers. The church in China is the fastest growing segment of the Body of Christ in the world and, as this new century unfolds, it will become an increasingly vital member of the worldwide Christian community.

 However, the Chinese Church continues to suffer uneven religious freedoms and, although conditions are improved somewhat over past years, pockets and incidents of persecution still exist. Please pray for those who endure this persecution and especially pray for their families.

 The Holy Spirit has put it in my heart to ask for your prayers not only for those who are currently incarcerated in China for their beliefs, but especially for their children. These kids are living in homes without one or both of their parents and they, too, are suffering greatly for the cause of the gospel. These children need physical and financial support and there are organizations like Voice of the Martyrs and others who are doing all they can to provide much-needed support. Here at LifeBrook, our calling is to seek prayer support for these kids and it is in service to that calling that I ask you to pray for the children of incarcerated Christians in China. Yes, pray for those who are in prisons, jails, detention centers, and re-education camps. They need your prayers mightily. But remember to pray for the families, and especially for the children.

 In His Light,

 L.D. “Mick” Turner


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