Wise Words for Today

When we realize that having children is not about us but is rather about God, then the trials and sacrifices of parenting are more easily borne. We see the purpose behind the difficulty, and we remind ourselves, “This isn’t about me; it’s about him.” The ultimate issue is no longer how proud my children make me, but how faithful I’ve been in discharging the duties God has given me…….Let’s accept that both marriage and parenting provide many good moments while also challenging us to the very root of our being. Let’s admit that family life tries us as perhaps nothing else does; but let’s also accept that, for most of us, this is God’s call and part of his plan to perfect us…..It becomes a sacred enterprise when we finally understand that God can baptize dirty diapers, toddler’s tantrums, and teenagers’ silence in order to transform us into people who more closely resemble Jesus Christ.

Gary L. Thomas

(from Sacred Parenting)


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