Wise Words for Today

Your first responsibility is to subdue and take dominion over the only enemy that can defeat you – YOU! …..You cannot triumph over the external world until you subdue and take dominion over you. You will have to wage war against every argument within you that challenges what God has said about you. You years of conditioning and indoctrination will cause you to doubt what the Almighty has said about you. You will find yourself struggling against what God has said. Doubt and unbelief will be unrelenting in their challenge to influence you to believe what God says cannot be true. It will take some time to undo the conditioning of years of misinformation, but God’s Word is sure and powerful. If you continue hearing the Word of God over and over again, your thinking will become aligned with it and your mind will be renewed. Then, because of your persistent and diligent efforts, your life will be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Bishop James Lowe

(from Achieveing Your Divine Potential)


One thought on “Wise Words for Today

  1. Today I registered my daughter at kindergarten. I felt all those painfull school years – my (dead) own. Its amazing how much there is to let go of. Every day another layer.

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