Scriptural Meditations: Personal Renewal

The passage of scripture below is one of my favorite quotations. Taken from Psalm 40: 2-3, the author speaks of God’s power and love exemplified through his willingness to restore us to sanity, sanctity, and service. I have especially found this passge to be helpful to those in the early phases of recovery from addictions:

God has lifted me out of the horrible pit and He set my feet upon a rock and He put a new song in my mouth. (Ps. 40:2-3)

I don’t know about you, but for me, this short passage speaks volumes in terms of God’s character and his desires for me to live a positive, productive, and fruitful life. Over the course of my life I have encountered my share of “horrible pits.” The Creator, through his wisdom, grace, and love, has consistently pulled me out of these times of despair and depression, set my feet on firmer ground and then put a new song in my mouth.

I have learned that when God cares enough to intervene in my behalf and restores my balance and harmony, he often has a plan in mind. More often than not, when the Creator puts “a new song in my mouth,” it is not only prasie for what he has done, but a new message or mission he needs me to accomplish. I have found, and we see this so often in the Bible, that when God revives a person who is hanging by a thread, he is restoring them for a purpose.

Think about it.

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One thought on “Scriptural Meditations: Personal Renewal

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