Wise Words for Today

“Regaining God’s perspective – refocusing our spiritual eyesight – is one of the greatest blessings of the believer. It changes everything. If we don’t consciously take a step back and adjust our vision, we’ll live under a perpetual cloud of illusion. This is a conscious, meditative turning, a determined effort to set our sights on what really matters…..Will you pause for just a moment and consider where your eyesight may be growing dim? Are you blinded to God’s daily blessings because you’re too focused on financial concerns, health issues, or frustrated relationships? Have you stopped seeing people as important and instead stare persistently at possessions, power, and pleasure? Are your eyes so preoccupied by your comfort that they have grown too tired to look at your life and your circumstances from God’s perspective?….Have you ever offered your eyes to God? Have you ever asked him to pour his wisdom into your perception, his perpective into each gaze? Have you ever stepped back and prayed, ‘God, how does this look to you?’ If you do, you’ll never look at others the same way again.”

Gary Thomas

(from The Beautiful Fight)


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