Wise Words for Today

For years, Christians have created excuses to justify living like lazy followers of Christ. We come up with some pretty distorted arguments for not pursuing a higher relationship with God. One truth about being Born Again Lazy is that the world loves how it looks – it looks good.

 The world sees people who go to church living fully functioning lives, making money, having relationships, getting it done – and everyone has a big, toothy grin doing it. It does look good. What we really need to show the world is life-changing functionality. We need to mirror Christ in all our activities. This doesn’t mean we wear robes, travel with a bunch of ragtag crazies, speak differently, and live poor. It means we come clean about the sin in our lives and live out our lives in faith….James tells us to help the widows and orphans. Translation: Get up and out and help people. We have become consumed with what faith looks like instead of what it is doing. God says the religion he wants comes in the form of helping people, not playacting with flat, empty, good-looking smiles filled with selfish desire, wrapped around nothing to say or do.

Craig Gross/J.R. Mahon

(from Starving Jesus)


2 thoughts on “Wise Words for Today

  1. Mick Turner


    The shoutout is my pleasure. I thoroughly enjoyed your book and gained much from reading it several times. You and your co-author pull no punches when describing some of the problems we in the church have brought upon ourselves. If the church is to survive, it must change in some very fundamental ways. We can no longer afford to settle for “born again lazy” or what J.I. Packer once referred to as “Hot Tub Religion.” Thanks for an eye-opener.


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