Wise Words for Today

Holy Spirit School of Tagbilaran
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…..the way we participate in the world God created is much the same way a farmer participates with the laws of nature. A farmer who wants the earth to yield a corn crop must learn to cooperate with nature to get it. Nature does not select the kind of harvest – it waits for the farmer to decide. The farmer makes that choice. He predicts the field’s future by the kind of seed that is sown there. To “attract” corn, the farmer simply plants corn seed. This is how the law of attraction works………..

Creation works the same way for you and me. God doesn’t determine on his own how wonderful our lives are. To some degree, we control the level of success that we enjoy in our marriages, finances, careers, parenting, etc., based on whether or not we cooperate with the laws God placed here. We can have happiness or heartache, on purpose. We can attract whatever we want to attract. The truth is, we are doing that now. Learning how this law works doesn’t make it work – it works all the time – but learning how it works helps us to “work it” to our advantage instead of to our disadvantage.

Ed Gungor

(from There is More to the Secret)


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