Wise Words for Today

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As the Father was pleased to dwell in the Son, so Jesus Christ is pleased to dwell in you. All the riches of the glory of the heavens have been placed inside of you. That is the mystery of the ages – that this immense Lord, the living Word of God – has chose to make His home within your being.

“Mindblowing” doesn’t quite describe it, does it?

But there’s even more.

Not only does this Christ live in you, but more importantly, you can live by His life.

Christ who is our life. (Colossians 3:4)

You have been invited to share life with your Maker and Creator.

And to top it all off, you have been made utterly, totally, fully complete in Him – here and now.

Why, then, would you chase anything else? How can you be consumed with anything other than your Lord, Jesus Christ? And how can you graduate beyond Him?

He is enough, even more than enough.

Jesus Christ is like a vast ocean. He is too immense to fully explore, and too rich to fathom. You are like a bottle.

The wonder of the gospel is that the bottle is in the ocean, and the ocean is in the bottle.

This is the word of God that Paul of Tarsus, a “steward of the mystery,” was called to preach and declare. This is the high gospel that was unveiled to a small group of ex-heathen Gentiles in the obscure town of Colosse in the first century. And this is the message that all who preach God’s Word are called to proclaim today.

Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola

(from Jesus Manifesto)


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