Wise Words for Today

Image by tambrieann via Flickr

 A man does not commence to truly live until he finds an immovable center within himself on which to regulate his life, and from which to draw his peace. If he trusts to that which fluctuates, he also will fluctuate; if he leans upon that which may be withdrawn he will fall and be bruised; if he looks for satisfaction in perishable accumulations he will starve for happiness in the midst of plenty…Be contented that others shall manage or mismanage their own little kingdom, and see to it that you reign strongly over your own. Your entire well-being and the well-being of the whole world lies there. You have a conscience, follow it; you have a mind, clarify it; you have a judgment, use and improve it; you have a will, employ and strengthen it; you have knowledge, increase it; there is a light within your soul, watch it, tend it, encourage it, shield it from the winds of passion, and help it to burn with a steadier and ever steadier radiance. Leave the world and come back to yourself. Think as a man, live as a man. Be rich in yourself, be complete in yourself. Find the abiding center within you and obey it.

James Allen


2 thoughts on “Wise Words for Today

  1. Hello Mick,
    I am really curious how you do this. When I look at your post, it says: posted to: and then you have Applied Spirituality as a live link which goes to ….what? Obviously you have not posted to my blog, but I’ve never seen this before. I appreciate your including me, you renegade. Good work! I just want to understand this technology wise. Thanks. Perhaps you would respond at kath@appliedspirituality.com kk

    1. L.D. Turner

      Hi Kathy:

      I think the mix up is due to the following: On the LifeBrook site, the “Applied Spirituality” is not a link to a site, but instead, is the title of one of the “categories” of posts on the blog. WordPress themes often have a space on the blogs for this. It just so happens that one of my categories has the same name as your website. Sorry for the mix up.


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