Wise Words for Today

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We have been designed by God to succeed. However, you cannot unlock your potential to become the winner that you are unless you learn how to think and maximize your tripartite (body, mind, and soul) makeup……….we are spirit beings who live in physical bodies that possess a soul. Our souls are made up of five components: the mind, the will, the imagination, the emotions, and the intellect……If I analyze the truth, I see that my potential for doing well in life as a believer is relative to the development of my mind, my will, my imagination, my emotions, and my intellect. This statement may come as a startling revelation for some, because many “church folk” tend to think that things are just going to happen, just going to get better, and just going to change. However, this is totally flawed thinking……….We experience God’s best based on our actions of obedience. Unless I know what to do and how to do it, unless I develop the five components of my soul, and unless I develop my thinking, I am not going to release my full potential and maximize my life, no matter how much I love Jesus and no matter how holy I live. Although many people do not wish to view life that way, you cannot argue with the Word of God. The Word says that you will prosper and be in health based on the way the five components that make up your soul prosper, thrive, flourish, or develop.

Dr. I.V. Hilliard

(from Living the Maximized Life)


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