Wise Words for Today

Karlskirche, Vienna. Fresco by Johann Michael ...
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Saint Michael parish church in Untergriesbach....
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Rise up and take what is yours. Do not sit back and allow life to pass by. Get up and take hold of the promises of God. Get up and pursue the vision that God has placed in your heart…………You may have forgotten the dream you used to have, but god hasn’t. You may not believe in the dream anymore, but He does. He believes in the dream, and He believes in you. He has been working on you and your dream the whole time. Many years may have passed since you first began to dream the dream. You may have lost many precious things. You may have lost hope. The dream may have faded from delay after delay. But mark this down: it’s not over yet!

Frank Damazio

(from Attitude of Faith)


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