Wise Words for Today

Barnstar Creator
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You continue to pursue him, to search for some kind of real and personal connection with your Creator, yet feeling all the while as if you’re running in place. And the faster you run, the more exhausted you become. Eventually your heart grows weary, and you do the only thing you feel you can do: you succumb to spiritual numbness….Don’t you wish you could stop and let God chase you for awhile?…What if I told you that is exactly what God does – that he not only chases you but never takes his eyes off you? What if I could prove that God has never gone a minute without thinking of you, wooing you, whispering in your ear, “I’m right here?” What if I could show you that God not only pursues you day by day, minute by minute, but he actually screams for you attention?…You don’t have to chase God. All you have to do is awaken to his voice.  

Tim King and Frank Martin

(from Furious Pursuit)


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