Wise Words for Today

Sue Monk Kidd and Ann Kidd Taylor

It seems to me that Christ continually calls us through the daily events of our lives…In moments like these God stirs the waters of our lives and beckons us beyond where we are to a new dimension of closeness with Him…God desires to transform certain experiences of ours into awakening events. These may be our most common moments, but if we let them they can become doorways to a deeper encounter with Him. Who knows at what moment we may begin to wake up to the astonishing fact that Emmanuel (God with us) is still God’s name, that every moment the Word of God, Jesus Christ, is coming to us.

Sue Monk Kidd

(from God’s Joyful Surprise)


2 thoughts on “Wise Words for Today

    1. Mick Turner

      Indeed, it is true. I have found that the Master speaks to me in ways often totally unexpected. I think, as children, we naturally have “eyes to see and ears to hear,” but our culture “educates” those natural abilities right out of us. My grandfather, a Quaker and a major spiritual influence in my life, often told me I needed to “rediscover my eyes.” I now understand what he meant. Thanks for stopping by LifeBrook. I visited your blog and found it very inspirational.



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