Wise Words for Today

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If we are to become healthy disciples, the practices of developing one’s spiritual disciplines need to be honed on a daily basis. These are not to be occasional or sporadic habits, for if the soul is to be cultivated in a manner befitting Christ, then it certainly must find great joy and deep satisfaction in the daily presence of God. It is out of this cultivated soul that we discover our mission for life….The spiritual disciplines are in many ways a hearing test for us. Do we listen intently for the voice of God? It’s not necessarily an audible voice, but when we press the pause button of our active lives long enough, we hear him in the stillness of the moment, through the pages of the Scriptures, and in the beauty of his creation. He longs to communicate his love toward each of his children, and it is incumbent upon us to stop long enough to listen. The key to discovering his abiding presence is to become anticipatory, alert, and attentive to his voice, his love, his grace, and his deliverance from sin as he fills us with new life. This is what it means to truly abide in Christ.

Stephen A. Macchia

(from Becoming a Healthy Disciple)


3 thoughts on “Wise Words for Today

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by LifeBrook and hope you come back often. I will visit your blog as well. The quotation by Stephen Macchia comes from his book “Becoming a Healthy Disciple.” I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a clear and concise book on discipleship.



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