A Wise and Insightful Quotation on the Kingdom

Cover of "Rediscovering the Kingdom"
Cover of Rediscovering the Kingdom

The following words, penned by Dr.  Myles Munroe in his book, Rediscovering the Kingdom, are well worth reading and prayerfully reflecting upon. As a spiritual practice, I focused on this quotation and sought the Spirit’s enlightenment during my prayer/meditation/quiet time for a period of ten days. I can safely say, without reservation, that I gained a deeper understanding of the centrality of the Kingdom in Jesus’ mission. I encourage you to spend time with these words. . . . . . . . .

How important is the Kingdom of God? It is so important that our lives depend on it, literally. All that we are, all that we see and hear, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink – this physical world issued forth from the Kingdom of God by His hand at creation. The Kingdom of God is at the center of everything. God’s every action and activity is motivated by His desire and passion to see His Kingdom established on earth.

How important to the Body of Christ is the message of the Kingdom of God? Frankly, we have nothing else to teach. The message of the Kingdom is good news, and the Church exists to proclaim it. If we are doing our job, everything we are about will be Kingdom focused: every sermon we preach, every Bible study we teach, every ministry we perform, every activity we accomplish, and every worship service we celebrate.

The Kingdom of God must be our highest priority; Jesus gave us no other commission. When he said, “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19), He was commanding us to proclaim the Kingdom of God to a world that knew it not. Although the world is very familiar with the regimes of men, it is essentially ignorant of God’s Kingdom. People of every nation need to know that God’s Kingdom has come to earth, and that faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord is the way in.


2 thoughts on “A Wise and Insightful Quotation on the Kingdom

  1. Hello there! 🙂

    As divided as we are in the USA, the Kingdom Of God is seldom the topic
    up for discussion, and if it is brought to the forefront, we’ll fight over what
    kind of Kingdom we want, regardless of what The Bible tells us. It is very
    difficult to see how we’d ever be reunited without making war with another.
    Not that I’ll give up hoping, but disaster, as bad as it is, brings out our best.

    May God bless you and bring you peace today.
    Hanging with the Prince Of Peace, I am. Uncle Tree

    1. Hello Uncle Tree:

      First off, thanks for stopping by LifeBrook. I hope you find something meaningful here and that you return as often as you like. Your point, sad to say, is well-taken. Our lack of unity in the Body of Christ is a shameful but all too real issue. I hope that as the future unfolds, the crisis that the faith is undergoing will serve to bring us together and force us to overcome the petty squabbles that are so much of our present reality. As I look at the Kingdom, I tend to view it as like a prism. As light shines through it, we may see different colors, depending upon the angle we view it from. Although the colors are varied, each is equally valid. As we view the Kingdom, we may see different things, depending upon our perspective, our needs and our preferences. Although different, each of these views are also equally valid. In this sense, I hope and pray that the kingdom may facilitate a fresh manifestation of Christianity where there is unity in diversity.

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