Wise Words for Today

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Repentance, the kind that leads to conversion, comes in a simple way. You are serving one lord, believing what you think is truth. Then the Holy Spirit conspires with circumstances, or a word or message, to open your eyes to the truth that there is another way, a way that leads to an unimaginable life of fullness and wholeness. A message that lets you know, deep inside a place that always suspected the truth, that Jesus is the Lord of the universe and that it is your duty to serve Him. The message might come in a church service. It might come from a preacher on television. Perhaps it comes from the echoes of voices that still speak to you from long ago through the Scriptures. Somehow, someway, the Holy Spirit finds you and convinces you…In response, you stop serving whatever lord you were serving and start serving Jesus. That’s the kind of repentance that moves you from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light.


Repentance isn’t complicated. It begins when we respond with a simple yes to Jesus. In fact, that’s all we have to offer……the focus of repentance isn’t on generating an emotion. And it’s not about saying the “right” words. It’s about turning and changing. Turning from the idols and lords you’ve previously served – even the idol you may have made of yourself – to the Lord of the universe. Rejecting devotion to one lord and replacing it with devotion to Jesus. That turning begins with the simple response of “Yes, Lord.”….You may not have the power within you to change the conduct with which you are confronted. That’s fine. The repentance of conversion is not about making you complete all at once. It’s about making the turn to Jesus complete.

 Walt Kallestad and Shawn Marie Cole

(from Reign Down)


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