Wise Words for Today

zombie (Photo credit: Irregular Shed)

What we have is not the kingdom. We have churches without funding. We have workers without commitment. We have a mission – to love a world that is lost without the message that only we have. We need people who are committed to the cause of Christ and the commission He has given us. What if we became a church that was truly committed to the cause of Christ? What if every Christian invested in the church for the good of the community and not just their own benefit? Can you imagine how powerful the church could be if godly people united together to accomplish His purpose on earth. . . . . . . . . .There is so much untapped potential in the community of God on the earth. If we worked together in unity with the power of God on our side, there is no obstacle that could stop us, no force that could defeat us, no trial that could overwhelm us, and no wall that could contain us.

Tyler Edwards

(from Zombie Church)


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