Wise Words for Today

Bible (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

The more anxious we are about the world and our place in it, the more we seek simple answers to complex questions. Whether it is about sin and salvation, human sexuality, or the cosmic battle of good versus evil being waged for our souls, we are addicted to the easy answer. Ambiguity is frightening, and “situation ethics” (as if there is any other kind) smacks of moral relativism. It is no wonder that in times of fear, we follow leaders who talk tough and appeal to nostalgia. When thinking, deciding, and doing become too painful, we surrender our lives to authority figures who have all the answers……For the same reason, we want the Bible to give us simple answers, not richly textured metaphors, songs, poetry, prayers, dreams, and maddening parables – but marching orders. We turn biblical symbols into theological propositions and dazzling metaphors into dreary ecclesiastical mechanisms. Biblical wisdom is replaced by doctrinal armor. Hearts “strangely warmed” become bony fingers writing new commandments.

Robin Meyers

(from Saving Jesus From the Church)


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