Wise Words for Today

Book of Genesis, Ningpo Bible.
Book of Genesis, Ningpo Bible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In reading the Bible, something that has helped me is to approach the Bible every time as if it were the first time. Although you may have read the words before, you have never read those words at this precise point in your life before. Daily your life changes: your circumstances change, your needs change, your knowledge, understanding, and emotions change. Perhaps a passage of scripture that was nothing more than words on a page for twenty years did not connect to you because you were not ready, but at this moment in time, as you are reading this passage you have read countless times in the past, all of a sudden God will speak to you through it. If you come to the text with a humble heart, you might be amazed at how it speaks to you.

Tyler Edwards

(from Zombie Church)


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