Health Update 2

Left subclavian artery - The Anatomy of the Ar...
Left subclavian artery – The Anatomy of the Arteries Visual Guide, page 17 (of 57) (Photo credit: robswatski)

As I mentioned in the last update, I underwent an angiogram on August 2 and a significant blockage was found in my subclavian artery. This blockage was impairing bloodflow to one of my four bypass grafts (two of which are closed and cannot be opened). A third graft has a stent in place. As a result of this blockage, my only decent graft was only getting restricted bloodflow. The doctors attempted to place a stent, but were not successful.

In the meantime, I also had an ultrasound of my carotid artery done, which also revealed blockage. To cut to the chase, this coming Thursday, August 23, I will have an angioplasty on the subclavian blockage and this time they will go in through my left arm. The thinking is they will be able to place a stent in there from this angle. Later this fall, I will most likely have a separate operation to clear up the blockage in my carotid artery. Tests also reveal that I am getting reduced bloodflow to the brain, so if my writing seems even more erratic than normal, I have a decent excuse!

I am generally positive about all this and believe that once these blockages are cleared out, I should feel a bit better. Also on a positive note, my ejection fraction, although still quite low, has not had any further deterioration.

I would greatly appreciate any and all prayers, not only for myself, but for my wife Li and eight year old daughter, Salina. This is all quite stressful on the two of them as well. I will keep everyone posted as to progress.

Blessings in His Light,



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